We are often consulted for our independent technical input to factories, products and machinery.

Machine Maintenance

A proactive approach to the maintenance of machinery can make for reduced down time, increased productivity and reduced cost. We analyse a plant's machinery and facilities to develop an appropriate maintenance strategy. We use appropriate tools such as FMECA (Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis) to establish a plant's needs.

CE Certification

Safety of machinery can seem like a confusing minefield for machine builders and operators alike. PLAS helps machine builders and operators fulfil the legal requirements and their moral obligation to provide safe working equipment. PLAS can conduct the full CE certification process including risk assessments, determination of required protection levels, compilation of technical files and issuing declarations of conformity. We do this work in accordance with a prescribed methodology set out in the international standards.

Feasibility Study

When an inventor needs to investigate the potential for a new product, predict its market, the ability to make it and if it can be delivered at profit, then a feasibility study is called for. Similarly a manufacturing company may wish to conduct a feasibility study of a new product process prior to committing to a full scale operation.


Appropriate and focussed training can enable individuals and teams. We prepare and deliver lectures and workshops on topics relating to niche areas of our expertise. These topics include Project Management, Safety of Machinery & CE Marking, New Product Development, Process Development and Developing a Food Factory.