Project Management

We can project manage the construction of new factories and new machines and the development of new products. We do this by clear definition of the objective, establishing a plan and then tracking and controlling the project.

Machine Sourcing

Businesses and factories frequently require machinery to increase capacity and reduce production costs, but are unsure what to buy. We can define a client's needs technical requirements, identify appropriate equipment and present options for purchase.

Operations Management

Even the best production facility has to be managed well in order to maximise output and efficiency. Our experience of high-pressure 24/7 manufacturing operations allows us to help our clients manage the production facilities that we design and build for them.

Product Development

Product development is that piece of work concerned with taking an initial product concept through design and preparation for manufacture all to way to initial production. We can guide you through market research, concept development and prototyping to mass production.

Process Development

We develop manufacturing processes needed to produce new products, to increase output or efficiency of new ones.