Factory Layout

A good factory layout makes for a smooth and efficient flow of work and materials through a facility. By considering a business's commercial goals and by combining the requirements for machinery, materials and people the optimum layout can be achieved. We can create complete new factory layouts or expand the capacity of existing factories. We base our layouts on current and projected production requirements. We allow for future expansion and consider cutting edge production technology.

Throughput Analysis

It is important to consider the full range and quantities of products to be manufactured in a production facility to ensure that the facility can deliver the organisation's required output. Production can be modelled mathematically taking into account product quantities, product changeovers, cleaning and maintenance to determine realistic throughput.

Industrial Automation

The use of robotics and industrial automation can increase throughput and reduce labour & cost while providing a safer and more ergonomic work environment. We design automated machinery to dispense fluids, handle components, package products and much more besides. We design complete machines and/or integrate existing or bought-in equipment as required.

Mechanical Design

Machinery will occasionally need to be modified or new components and fixtures may need to be added. We design mechanical components and assemblies for all types of applications.